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Here at Postaplus, we strive daily to fulfill our clients needs with the highest quality service. That's why we introduced MYBOX.

MYBOX, customers can establish a mailing address in the USA, UK, UAE and China then direct all their online purchases to their personal, domestic MYBOX.

MYBOX is the flagship of Postaplus worldwide online shipping, erasing every barrier stopping consumers from buying anything, anywhere in the world.

Customer Review

  • Now, Posta Plus takes 2.5KD for the first half KG and 2KD for the second half KG, they charge 1KD customs and 5% of the cost of whatever you ordered so it costed 8.7KWD (that...
  • A lot of us are looking for a new mail forwarding company, either for better prices or better service. A while ago i saw Posta plus  car so i looked them up and found that the...
  • Anyone have a promo code for MyBox? Really annoyed with ShopnShip right now so looking to switch over, thanks!
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